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Undergraduate Studies

Degree Conferred: B.A.

As an undergraduate you will be introduced to the subdisciplines of anthropology through required courses: "Introduction to Cultural Anthropology" (ANTH 1023), "Introduction to Biological Anthropology" (ANTH 1013 and lab ANTH 1011L), and "Approaches to Archeology" (ANTH 3023 and lab ANTH 3021L). "History of Anthropology Thought," a senior capstone course, fulfills the Fulbright College Writing Requirement. Elective courses will allow you to explore your special interests.

Degree Requirements:


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Field Schools

The Archeological Field School course is an intensive off-campus opportunity for students to learn archeology while earning undergraduate or graduate credit. Field school students will receive training in all aspects of archeological fieldwork including site mapping with total station, archeological excavation and recording techniques, soil description, and preliminary artifact processing in the laboratory. The archeological field school is offered through University of Arkansas’s Division of Continuing Education during summer 5 term as “Archeological Field Session” Anth 4256 (6 hours undergraduate or graduate credit) or “Field Research in Archeology” Anth 561V (6 hours graduate credit).