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Eric Hoenes Del Pinal

Eric Hoenes del Pinal

Visiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of California 2008


Eric Hoenes del Pinal received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, San Diego in 2008. His research interests include the role of communicative practices (broadly conceived to include both spoken language and non-verbal forms of communication) in shaping social identities, the study of global Christianity, and the ethnography of Latin America. His research examines the role of language and embodied forms of communication in the religious practices of Catholic lay leaders in Q’eqchi’-Maya communities in Guatemala. In particular, it focuses on how the differing language ideologies of Mainstream and Charismatic Catholics shape their ritual practices, and how these have become central to the two congregations' sense of religious identity.

Selected Publications

“Towards an Ideology of Gesture: Gestures, Body Movement and Language Ideology among Q’eqchi’-Maya Catholics” ANTHROPOLOGICAL QUARTERLY 84(3): 595-630.

“How Q’eqchi’-Maya Catholics Become Legitimate Interpreters of the Bible: Two Models of Religious Authority in the Giving of Sermons” In James Bielo, ed., THE SOCIAL LIFE OF SCRIPTURES: CROSS-CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES ON BIBLICISM. pp. 80-99. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

“Notes on a Maya Apocalypse: Eschatology in the Guatemalan Civil War” THE JOURNAL OF INTER-RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE 8: 18-28.