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Jesse Casana

Jessie Casana

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Chicago 2003

Landscape archaeology

Ancient Near East

Archaeological remote sensing


Human-environment relationships


Jesse Casana is a specialist in the archaeology of the Middle East . His research investigates the history of settlement and land use in the ancient world, as well as the dynamic interactions of humans with their environment. Dr. Casana's projects explore large regions, embrace long periods of human history, and employ a wide range of techniques, including archaeological survey and excavation, satellite and aerial remote sensing, and sub-surface geophysical prospection.

Dr. Casana is currently the co-director of a regional archaeological survey project in the upper Diyala (Sirwan) River Valley in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  He also collaborates on field projects in Turkey, Cyprus, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as in New Mexico and the northern Great Plains. 

In cooperation with the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, Dr. Casana currently directs the CORONA Atlas Project (  The project makes Cold War-era CORONA satellite imagery available to researchers through an online database and undertakes regional-scale exploration of archaeological landscapes in the Near East and beyond.  Dr. Casana also directs a project to develop new applications for low-altitude, UAV-based aerial imaging of archaeological sites. 

Current Teaching

  • Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 1033)
  • Landscape Archaeology (ANTH 4603)
  • Ancient Middle East (ANTH 4123)
  • Digital Antiquity (ANTH/GEOS 3923H)
  • Archaeological Method and Theory (ANTH 5203)
  • Society and Environment (ANTH 6033/ENDY 6033)

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