Current Course Offerings

Spring 2024

1011L                     Introduction to Biological Anthropology Laboratory

1011M                  Honors Introduction to Biological Anthropology Laboratory

1013                       Introduction to Biological Anthropology

1013H                    Honors Introduction to Biological Anthropology

1023                       Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

1023H                    Honors Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

1033                       Introduction to Archaeology

3023                       Approaches to Archeology

3043                       Bones, Bodies, and Brains in Evolutionary Perspective

3263                       Indians of Arkansas and the South

3543                       Geospatial Applications and Information Science

3903                       Topics in Anthropology

  • 005  Horse Power: Equids in Human History
  • 007  Collapse, Apocalypse, and Renewal
  • 008 Methods and Approaches in Medical Anthropology
  • 009 Ethnographic Writing and Research

3923H                    Honors Colloquium

  • 001 Pilgrimage

399VH                   Honors Thesis

4093                       The Archeology of Death

4263                       Identity and Culture in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

4353                       Laboratory Methods in Archeology

448V                      Individual Study of Anthropology

4533                       Middle East Cultures

4613                       Primate Adaptation and Evolution

4903                       Topics in Anthropology

  • 001 Ecology of the Past
  • 002   Hominin Dental Evolution

500V                      Advanced Problems in Anthropology

5153                       Topics in Anthropology

  • 001 Hominin Dental Evolution

5293                       Identity and Culture in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

5313                       Laboratory Methods in Archeology

548V                      Individual Study of Anthropology

5623                       Primate Adaptation and Evolution

5903                       Seminar in Anthropology

  • 010 Ecology of the Past

600V                      Master's Thesis

6033                       Society and Environment

610V                      Internship

700V                      Doctoral Dissertation

Summer 2024