Field School in Archaeology - 2008

The Archaeological Field School course is an intensive off-campus opportunity for students to learn archaeological methods while earning undergraduate or graduate credit. Field School students will receive training in all aspects of archaeological fieldwork, including site mapping with total station, archaeological excavation and recording techniques, soil description, and preliminary artifact processing in the laboratory. The Archaeological Field School is offered through the University of Arkansas’s Division of Continuing Education during summer session Term 5 as “Archaeological Field Session” Anth 4256 (6 hours undergraduate or graduate credit) or “Field Research in Archaeology” Anth 561V (6 hours graduate credit).

In the summer of 2008, the Archaeological Field School investigated Archaic period sedentism, craft specialization, and chipped stone (novaculite) tool production and exchange by continuing excavations at a site on the Ouachita River, near Hot Springs, Arkansas. This multi-component lithic workshop and habitation site has cultural material from several thousand years of Native American occupation, but our work will focus on the Middle Archaic period deposits dating 6000 years ago.

Honors Program

The Honors Program provides intellectual challenge through honors courses, colloquia, and thesis projects (contact Honor Studies in Old Main Rm. 517 or call 479-575-2509).

Lamda Alpha Honors Society

Lamda Alpha Honors Society is the national honors organization for anthropology with a chapter at the University of Arkansas run by student members.

Robert L. Stigler Jr. Memorial Lecture Series in Archeology

Initiated in 1987, this lecture series honors Dr. Robert L. Stigler Jr., a native of Pine Bluff who served on the faculty of Columbia University. After he passed away in 1980, his parents established this lectureship to commemorate his career. The department invites outstanding archaeologists each year to campus for lectures and workshops.

Anthropology Student Society

The club has meetings and sponsors field trips and get-togethers.

Area Studies

Fulbright College offers area studies programs in Africa and Latin America. The King Fahd Middle East and Islamic Studies Program is an academic program within the College.

Cartography, Remote Sensing and GIS Specialization

Students develop expertise in (1) cartography, (2) geographical information systems (GIS) methods, (3) remote sensing and image interpretation, (4) uses of satellite and ground-based geophysical data, and (5) hardware/software systems.