Biological Anthropology

Biological anthropology is broadly defined as encompassing the present and past nature and evolution of humankind and other primates. Our faculty are particularly strong in dental anthropology, biomechanics, and advanced quantitative techniques. We offer training in evolutionary theory, paleoanthropology, dental analysis, bioarcheology, comparative morphology, and environmental adaptation. We use a range of analytical tools including advanced visualization techniques, GIS, dental histology, and comparative morphometrics.  Faculty are actively engaged in bioarcheological, paleontological, and ethnographic fieldwork across the globe. Our biological anthropology laboratory facilities are competitive with any in the world.

Research Foci

  • Evolution of diet and social behavior
  • Biomechanics and functional morphology
  • Comparative anatomy and morphometrics
  • Ethnomedicine and biodiversity
  • Bioarchaeology and dental anthropology
  • Paleoecology and conservation paleobiology

Our Biological Anthropology Faculty: